A Dark and Stormy Entry

Adventure 2001 Windows Role playing Strategic scope

A text based adventure about being a... writer!

This game sure has that meta quality about it, that was the thing in 2001. Yes, a 2001 text based adventure, it sure couldn't have went for a vanilla type story, it just wasn't in the cards! Instead, it went for this story that makes you question the construction of text based adventures, and, well of games in general, like a sort of toned down Stanley's Parable! At any rate, what you will do will be getting involved on the decision making side of writing fiction, something that we rarely get the change of experiencing. This means that you will take decisions in game, and these decisions, generally of narrative repercussions for the writer writing his story will actually shape that story. But how much freedom do you actually have? Is a writer free to take its characters any way he wants/sees fit? Or is he bound to some human nature rules/impositions? Well, you'll have to see for yourself! Rarely has a text adventure ever felt as enticing as this one, as fresh! Also, the writing itself is amazing, as the developer could really modulate his pen to go in and out of the worlds, that of the fiction, his mind and the decision making, and then into your decision making. A wonderful piece of game and art. Can't really think of anything similar, except maybe, some of the Yahtzee adventures, say, 5 Days a Stranger or some in that same series, games that also won awards for excellence in design and writing, just as ADaSE had.

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