Iron Helix

Adventure 1993 Dos Spectrum HoloByte Futuristic Role playing Strategic scope

Starscape proportions battles and adventure

Iron Helix is a combination of role playing with action sequences, all displayed as a sort of adventure game, within very realistic but static screens. The story follows you as you try to capture someone who escaped the nearest ship in your vicinity, The O'Brien, but soon enough, the initial premise expands quite a bit, to much larger proportions. The role playing portion, due to the static screen serving feels a bit rusty, but you won't really mind as much as it envelops you with a lot of different puzzle concepts. Yes, it is not a clean RPG, it features adventure elements, and in numbers that make the game feel more like an adventure, really. So, you'll crawl through your spaceship (a sort of space dungeon crawl!), you'll battle all sort of alien looking enemies and you'll have to solve puzzles at times that revolve around finding the right combination of levers and clues, as in classic adventure. The problem is that the graphic engine isn't really well suited for neither of these play styles, and so you'll have to be very forgiving with the game. And I don't think that it has any element that is worth fighting for. Instead I'd say you go for the LucasArts Classic Adventures pack for great assortment of adventure games and if you crave a space RPG, go for the Star Wars: Mysteries of the Sith great. Iron Helix is, unfortunately too demanding of one's nerves to be played.

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