A Mind Forever Voyaging

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Infocom Science Fiction Multimedia novel

Old Sci-Fi classic

Here it is one game for truly passionate about history of videogames. A Mind Forever Voyaging is a classic adventure and a mysterious science fiction game which has been set in the world of illusion and in the midst of hope and reality. The plot in the game is that you woke up and find that you are in a PRISM and the world of your previous encounters was nothing but illusions. Now you mission in the game is that you will set out to explore the changes in the computer software program that runs this world and solve the hidden mysteries. The game is not simply about puzzle solving as the first part in only about exploring the Rockville city and observing the day to day changes that occur there. The second part involves a variety of puzzles of varying nature and they get tough and tough as you progress in the game. The graphics are quite alluring and detailed enough to provide you a thrilling experience on board. The user interface in the game is also great as it is quite simple and interactive. There are many options in the game which are actually worth experiencing rather than just simply talking about. The game has a lot of captivating features and is very much like Spellbreaker.

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