Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Infocom Text based

Tough but for pure veteran gamers

The game has all what is needed for a fantastic fantasy and adventure game. The plot starts from the point where the game left off in the previous version but for those who are not known to it need not worry because the gameplay has nothing to do with the previous version. The plot this time is that you will be playing a powerful wizard in the fantasy world of Zork but the magic has started to fail and spells are not working. The situation is getting worst and you will have to discover the reason. In your quest you will get the ultimate fight between evil and good in a very fantasy and thrilling environment. The variety of puzzles in the game is very unique and is a bit tough. Before giving you any further details, let me tell you that the game is not for amateur as it is very tough. The elements of toughness and the fantasy theme have been mixed well and this makes the game indulging to its very core. The graphics are not much revolutionary but are pleasing enough to keep you playing. The more you practice the game, the more it will become addictive. Trinity is another wonderful game which i would want you to try.

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