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A truly classic adventure

The text adventure is a curious genre, one much loved by aficionados for its ability to create believable and interactive worlds with nothing more than the power of the printed word but which is equally maligned for its lack of visual flash. If such a genre appeals and you are a fan of the likes of Zork or Wishbringer, then Trinity is an absolute must-play as it offers an enthralling adventure in a grim but terrifyingly realistic world full of danger and puzzles. The game begins with the player on a pleasant trip to London but things soon turn for the worse with the appearance of a Soviet nuclear missile on the horizon. You soon escape thanks to the chance discovery of a bizarre door into another dimension where the rules of nature no longer apply but where the threat of destruction still looms large. To say more of the plot would be to spoil much of the game's appeal, but suffice to say that it is extremely well written, with wonderfully atmospheric descriptions that really evoke a strange world, or worlds, experiencing a truly nightmare scenario. The characters are believable, complex and mature and displaying a depth that is rare in video games and which help elevate the game to another level entirely. The text-based parser is equally impressive, being elegant, simple and intelligent in equal measure and which makes navigating the world a breeze, enhancing the experience no end. As with any text adventure, this is not a game for those who require fancy graphics and sound but if you are prepared to try something different, then this is a truly dazzling game that will open your eyes to the power of the written word.

What would you do in case of a nuclear war?

Trinity is a game from the times where text adventures where a thing and where the player can get most of its joy from using their imagination. And this game is definitely worth the attention and time to play it. Since its text-based, most of its value will have to come from its writing, and this is definitely where this game delivers. The story of the game is intriguing in itself - the game is set here on Earth, but in a parallel history setting where the world is in a huge war in the atomic age and centers on the dangerous and destructive power of the atomic bomb. There are both natural and fantastic elements to bind the story, resulting in a piece of fiction that is worthy of any of today's bestseller. It's amazing how the game can draw you into itself without a single descriptive image. The other best feature of the game is the high interaction you can have within it. You're not just reading the text - you have a lot of freedom of choice throughout and the game acts accordingly. It's no wonder the game is considered one of the classic of text-adventure gaming - if you have a vivid imagination, you'll have as much fun with it as I did.

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