A2 Racer 2

Racing 1998 Windows Davilex Car simulation City race Driving

Good racing game with colorful graphics

It is quite a decent racing game which has given users a good racing experience. Surely not as good as Need For Speed gran turismo style of games but it has what is needed to make it a play worthy game. Starting with the graphic, the models of the cars, their dynamics, the cities, the tracks and the backgrounds are very well defined and are very colorful to players. It's an urban racing game with an arcade style and some good music in the form of sirens and brakes. The thing which I liked the most about this game is that you will not race in some stadium but on the busy and curvy streets of big cities like Amsterdam. The controls that they have managed with this one are quite smooth and involve the typical turn, brake and accelerate system. You will also get to use turbo button that will really accelerate your car. The turbo feature is though limited but every track features a gas station at which you can get it refilled and go on with the excitement. The thing which I did not like is the fact that even when one hits a car from the back, the motion seizes which is a bit illogical. However it can be overall rated as a very good game and to be downloaded by the lovers of racing.

Entertaining enough

When I think of racing games, the one I have fond memories of is NFS 2 Special Edition. A2 Racer 2 is an okay game, but there are a few thing that I hated, but I'll get to that later. First of all, let's analyse the graphics for a little bit. They look good, the car models, the city and the background all look good, although sometimes I feel that the cars look like they haven't finished graphically. The sounds of the engines and sirens are impressive for its time. However, I haven't heard any music at all. Maybe it's because of the copy I own or because I'm using DosBox.Now let's get to the gameplay. The game is your standard arcade style urban racing game, where you race on the busy streets of some recognizable cities, such as Amsterdam. The control are the same as in any other racing game(accelerate, brake and turn), but you even have at your disposal a Turbo button, more like a NOS button in today's most racing game. However, the Turbo of your car is limited as shown by the Turbo Gauge on the UI, but not to worry because all the track have at least one gas station that will replenish your Turbo. The one thing I hate about this game is the collision with other cars. Whenever you hit a car frontally, you stop, which is logic, but when you hit a car from behind, the same thing happens. I can understand if you're hitting a truck or bus, but not a regular car. Worst of all, there are even police cars in the city that will chase you around and end up in front of you, stopping you by breaking in front of you, which is very annoying. Other than that, the game is actually fun, however this problem that could have been minor will frustrate you until you shut off the game. All in all, if you're looking for a different kind of challenge in racing games, you might wanna check this us. Who want just a fun arcade style racing game with 0 frustration, you might wanna stick to the NFS games.

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