A2 Racer 3

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Good and dynamic racing car game

Though the previous version of this game had a lot of issues, but they have brought many improvements in this one and have made this game pure fun for all racing game lovers. Starting with the first improvement, now you have some really good graphics which easily meet the PC standards and are very clear and crisp. All the details that have been incorporated to set up a racing environment gives he game a realistic race feel and invites a lot of attraction. The gameplay has also been improved as you will no longer be annoyed by cops and you can easily outrun them or keep them behind. New car models have also been added with a lot of improvements in the previous ones. The HUD is quite the same but the game play has been improved by providing the cars with more engine power and speed. The lighting dynamics on the tracks and the themes of the tracks have also been made quite attractive. The bumping issues which were found in the previous version A2 Racer 2 have been removed and now it's a smooth gameplay all the way. The music in the form of the brakes, the roar of the car engine and the background music are quite good too.

Real improvements, you'll like it!

Here's a question for you: If a game that you played was so awful and the developers have announced a next game in the series? What would you expect? Another bad game or maybe hope that the next game would be a bit improved? Or would you just wish to move to a better game series instead? Well my answer is that I always expect the worst from game developers. Fortunately, most of the time, my expectations were wrong. That is the case of A2 Race 3. The game is such an improvement that I haven't noticed the problems that A2 Racer 2 had. First of all, the graphics. It's a huuuuuuge improvement over the previous game. Now we have beutiful, PC standard graphics, the lighting mechanics are great and car models look way better. The HUD looks the same, but it's no problem, however I still wish that these could've have been translated into English. The gameplay feels much smoother and the bumping issue and annoying cops seem to be gone. Now, the cops no longer come in front of you and brake and you can even outrun them or at least keeping them behind. The gas stations return to third game as well. In conclusion, A2 Racer 3 is way better than the previous one, but there are few other things that need improving, but that doesn't prevent any gamer to have fun.

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