Poker Solitaire

Strategy 1992 Dos Cards

Playing poker by oneself can be fun!

Poker Solitaire is a version of Poker (or Solitaire!) that is played by oneself, against the odds and the current deck of cards, shuffled in a random order. The idea is to form poker hands with all the cards; the hands included are the classic winning hands of Poker; pairs, three cards, full house, color, Poker and so on. It takes a while to understand that you get more points for ordering the cards in sequences that include the higher value arrangements, however, as you'd imagine these are harder to come by. Instead, what you need to do is allow yourself a few arrangements of lower value cards, just so you can go on, just so you can keep playing. Graphically, Poker Solitaire is delivered in good 2D graphics, with just a slight pixilation, but, overall, the game looks great and, with its green background it can be played for long hours even without fatigue. A good alternative can be Yahtzee, a game of similar build, yet with dice and played against other players, for great and cool games that will keep you occupied for lots of time.

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