Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Topologika Software Multimedia novel

More than 400 rooms to explore and surrealist graphics

Acheton offers you interactive fiction styled controls, but an adventure of exploration, without too much narrative involvement. However, to keep you interested it offers you the occasional enticing static image, which belong to the late surrealist current, mixed with a thread of neo-naïve painting style, that was quite popular in art deco at the time. Maybe at the time it might have created a sort of spooky, interesting vibe, at this time, it just feels de-contextualized, which, I just found alright but in a blend that seems too disparate. Anyway, leaving any high brow art considerations aside, Acheton is hard to play because of its lack of proper interface, especially given its size. There are more than 400 rooms to explore, but, from what I've seen in the time I spent with it, the details and the looks of these rooms is just lacking. It's therefore, simply lacking, it's not worth it. And so, with that in mind, all I can say is that Acheton pays its dues but is ultimately bring and set in mechanics that don't suit it. Download one of the later Zork games, which never disappoint and are technically brilliant.

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