Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Infocom Multimedia novel

Text based adventure set under the sea, with kids in mind

Seastalker is as simple as text based adventures could be, and rightfully so, as it was designed for children. Generally so, the genre has the kind of interactions that already have a relatively high barrier of entry, in that they necessitate that one knows to type, to read, of course (!) and to be able to connect the dots of puzzles that can only live in one's mind, since they're delivered text only. But this game is so simple, with very simple phrases and yet colorful descriptions of the sub aquatic realm it depicts that it works. I'd say, maybe today the lessons learned from this game, in the realm of using a parser and so on might no longer be as useful or as necessary, but if you plan to offer your kids a retro gamer education, Seastalker is a good text based to start it all with. There are sea monsters, sure, but they're tame, as are the puzzles, which is the best possible way to break the barrier and finally make this genre accessible to young kids of this generation. After which, you can present to them this version of the Zork games, all three in one, and just as fun as their very original version.

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