Beyond the Titanic

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Apogee Multimedia novel

Interactive fiction from Apogee; quite interesting

Beyond the Titanic is an interactive fiction adventure, that was build and delivered by none other than the action and platformer extraordinaire Apogee; this was its sword with two facets, in fact, as it didn't really gain much traction, as the developer had made a name for itself with action games. At any rate, that matters little today, and what is important, if you want to play it, is if it is any good. In the game you are a passenger on the wretched Titanic, looking to escape its final doom. The game can end in quite a few ways, depending on the choices you make. It's quite a heartwarming experience at times, as you can choose to make more thought out choices, that put you in danger, or you can be the biggest douche the world has seen and just have nothing but your survival in focus. Naturally, it can be quite hard not to get involved, and the writing is pretty well done. So, if you love the history of the Titanic, and if you love a charged survival story, this game here can be a good companion for a few wretched hours. Alternatively, see the other Apogee adventure in IF clothes, Supernova, in which you have, in similar fashion, to escape a mine but in a distant future. Whatever survival story grinds your gears better!

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