Super Tetris

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Sphere Tetris variant

Bombastically themed Tetris with the same age old mechanics

As if considering that people play Tetris for the backgrounds, this game ups the graphical ante, while letting the original game almost like the original. The changes to the Alexey Pajitnov original are delivered in the form of one cell cubes that can penetrate the wall of stacked tetrominoes if there is a gap hiding inside, explosive bomb shaped clusters of bricks that will create gaps in the gaps where they land, other shapes additional to the original tetrominoes and, the daft, superfluous but rather backgrounds. And guess what, there is even a backstory to the game, involving some theater class students in Russia and their wacky productions. Anyway, the title feels like an interesting take on the original and unlike other titles that wanted to spin the original game; this one manages to achieve a good balance of novelty while keeping the basics as they should be. Give this title a try if you like the original but would like to see some well thought out additions to it. Otherwise a classic title on the DOS platform can be just as engaging today as it was back when it was first produced.

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