Rodent's revenge

Puzzle 1991 Dos Microsoft Reflex oriented Strategic scope

Successful even nowadays

Rodent's Revenge is a puzzle game released in 1991, the type of classic one that shouldn't be forgotten. And it wasn't even today. It's based on reflexes and some strategies, in order to engage in a correct progress. Rodent's Revenge presents the well-known and absolute conflict that dates since like...always, between mice and cats. You play as a mouse surrounded by deadly cats that tries to push blocks to release traps against the cats. These traps turns them into cheese that you can eat for extra score. In the 50 exciting and fun levels, you have to handle the hard situation with only 3 lives. There were old times when the best graphics and amazing storyline weren't the most important things for a game to be engaging and attractive. This game is for those that caught those times, for those that want to live them again, or for those that want something new, educational, beside the modern shooters and other sophisticated releases. It's not boring at all, it requires creativity and it's quite difficult. I say this because one simple touch of a cat kills you, (the dangerous felines move in every direction: up, down, left, right, even diagonally). Also, there are lots of obstacles and traps that make your efforts harder and harder to avoid them. This game is successful even nowadays, giving the fact that there were re-launched some versions for iOS or Android.

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