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Text based... monopoly. But it works!

How would you like to experience that good old classic board game, monopoly, in text based form? Yap, it's possible, and, against all odds it actually is playable and most importantly fun! There is however going to be a bit of getting used to it, as the game really doesn't want to give you too much, in terms of graphics. Granted, you at least get a detailed game map, with all the properties you own and you get a dice but the rest is automated. So, your mission is to focus on the higher level strategy game, deciding what to buy and when and dealing with these types of questions that decide the fate of the game. At any rate, Monopoly even in this form that is stripped and less of a micromanagement hassle, works, is fun and it even manages to pack some originality through the comments of the players you play against. As such you are never left to wonder too much as to how much money you have, who's turn it is, and other such trifles. Nope, it's all about the game and you'll love it if you love the real life contender. But, if you're one of those that cares of graphics, better try a more colorful title, such as the Monopoly World Cup France 98 Edition, much more graphically advanced, but nonetheless, the same experience.

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