Action in The North Atlantic

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox General Quarters Software Naval World Wars

Better than expected, CGA naval sim

Action in The North Atlantic is a very highly polished strategic heavy naval sim, and, even if it is delivered in CGA graphics, the style and the production, while minimal is very tasteful and allows you to play the game without any issues. It focuses on the 1942 WWII Battle of the North Cape real world North Atlantic battles, and it does a relatively good job of recreating them. What you'll love most about it is the lack of fluff, the lack of any elements that would not support your strategic positioning of your fleet. You have a tactical portion to the game and anotehr one that is more strategic; thus, in strategic mode you command entire fleets, while in the tactics mode you approach the game in a more direct way, issuing orders to each separate vessel and trying to get a low level advantage. You also have access to submersibles, along with airplanes, but the meat of the game is the surface of the ocean battle of the warships. Similar, in style, though not as developed, to Rome: Total War. For a strategic and tactical incursion in the fields of battle of the early Romans, this can be a great game to play too.

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