Sub Battle Simulator

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox Epyx Naval World Wars

Naval and submarine strategy set in the WWII

The game sported an ok graphical interface and general graphics for its time, and it also had a relatively large collection of submarines to choose from. In terms of control you would switch between RADAR like interface to a periscope and to views from inside the ship, just as in Destroyer, with the same relative kind of graphic style. The troubles however begin when you want to locate yourself on the map, as the map of the pacific is anything but easy to read and the coordinates offer little help. Also, the random encounters can lead to sessions that are teeming with fleets of vessels, both U Boats as well as other vessels, while other times it can be long periods when nothing is happening. This may be a correctly simulated reality, historically, but I certainly wouldn't find a good enough motivation to keep waiting on the game. I'd much rather be involved in a graphically superior submarine simulator, a more recent one. At any rate, for its time the game sports the same graphics to be expected, with crude EGA or CGA type resolution, that only a few will find palatable today.

Works in Windows 8 using DosBox

Still the same game and works just fine in Windows 8 as long as you have the keyboard map as this game is totally controlled by the keyboard or a joystick... not a mouse. So download the 268kb version and search for the keyboard map or test every key, by itself, with the alt key and with the ctrl key, and thus make your own keyboard map. Some keys only work in combat, or in combination with other keys, and some are toggle keys.

Difficult at the beginning

Excellent game with lots of action and a full set of controls over the game and the speed of play. The reference card is needed or you will spend hours discovering which keys to use on the keyboard, between the keys, the ALT keys and the CTRL keys in their various combinations... but it is an excellent game once you have that figured out.

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