Action Stations!

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Storm Computers Naval World Wars

ASCII styled naval wargame/simulator, detailed but quirky

Action Stations! Is a heck of a naval wargame/simulation, representing the 1922 1945 era of the WWII conflagration. The game packs lots and lots of detailed work into the mathematics of the conflict, the economic basis that drives the wargame them and the politics system, though less expansively, this last bit. But the wargame itself can really take its toll on those not yet emancipated in the realm of detailed wargaming. It's a bit hard to control, as all those elements are clogged together within a very thin graphics presentation. Also, the maps themselves are represented by ASCII characters, which also adds to the difficulty of reading the maps, and furthermore complicating the way you look and interact with the game. But, if you give it some time, and have had some Rogue time with other ASCII based games, also, if you've cut your teeth on some other wargames and know your way around, I think this game will grow on you. Yeah, it asks a lot, but it also gives you a lot, so maybe you'll find it worth investing the effort.

TBS naval simulation

Complex text menu interface and crude-even-for-its-day CGA graphics hide a deep turn-based naval surface combat simulation. Great for gunnery and torpedo nuts. Everything is factored in: night combat (searchlights), smoke generation, effects of visibility, confusion, target course/speed on gun-laying, damage control, crew quality and fatigue... so get it now and enjoy.

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