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Classic naval war simulation

PT 109 is game which has a great combination of some really competitive features into naval simulation area. The game has though not been able to cater a large fan base but it had some following. Being a naval simulation, you will be in control of a sophisticated and highly dynamic vessel from the World War 2 and that vessel is named as PT- 109. The ship has a lot of variety in terms of how it can be used and the range of weapons that it has. You will run the vessel and will go on missions in the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. There are about 12 different enemy vessels and aircrafts that you need to counter on various missions and they are really tough because the game has a really good A1 which supports the enemies. You have to strategize every move that you make as it will have an overall impact on the mission. The graphics in the game are very detailed and crisp and the user interface is also quite top notch and effective. It might feel a bit tough at the start but allows you to grip the gameplay with a little practice. Gato is another name is this genre which has a good chunk of followers.

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