Grey Wolf: Hunter of the North Atlantic

Simulation 1994 Windows Pro One Naval World Wars

Average yet good simulation

It is a naval simulation game where you have a U-boat at your disposal. The aim that you have in the game is to set on various missions in the U-boat and to destroy the enemy. The game is known to have some average features but certainly deserves to be played. The simulation dynamics of the boat are not far away from realism as you have to be conscious about the battery and have to come on to the surface for repair and maintenance. The in boat dynamics such as the measuring meters and the command and control options have been designed quite well. The theme given go the gameplay in terms of the graphics is not that much appealing but is good enough to give you the feel of a naval simulation. The variety of the missions in the game is an extensive one but the number of gameplay options or the modes are limited. The level designs have been made with a good level of creativity and the game never gets frustrating. The A1 is also very good and so are the controls. Overall average but still good enough to render you some fun. Well if you want to go for some real fun simulation, Harpoon Classic is the way to go.

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