Advanced Destroyer Simulator

Simulation 1990 Dos Futura Naval World Wars

Good, complex wargame featuring ships from the WII

Advanced Destroyer Simulator puts an emphasis on the battles carried on the sea during the WWII. Therefore, the game, compared to a WWI themed one of the same gist, is ore diverse, plays faster and can lead to outcomes that are more diverse. The naval power during the WWII was pretty advanced, and war was waged with U Boats, with planes or by sea alone. The game captures these diversities well enough. However, do not expect an action bonanza. This is your typical wargame, where you control ships or ship fleets as tiles on a map, and take turns to do so. Therefore, the main gameplay and the main source of enjoyment or disappointment in game comes from your tactical prowess. Graphically, you are going to receive a good looking game, of the era, sporting a limited color palette, and a rather crude set of graphics, in terms of resolution, but while I was playing a few missions I never got the feeling that the looks of the game are stifling. Anyway, expect a rather steep learning curve if you are not a wargame fanatic and a good dose of brain teasing tactical play.

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