The Pawn

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Magnetic Scrolls Graphical IF

Good old adventure and puzzle game

It is an adventure game which involves a variety of puzzles and a well-defined and executed parser which has thousands of words of vocabulary. The game has a great fantasy plot where you get knocked down when you are going to the market. As you wake up from the short slumber, you find out that you are stuck in some magical world which is named As Kerovnia and you have a band in your wrist. Elections are about take place in the region for deciding whether king Eric will continue as the king of the region or not. Your target in the game is to escape the land so that you can get back to your homeland and in this quest you will solve various puzzles and will get to counter various different characters that are really interesting. There are object orientated puzzles which will demand you to do a lot of manipulation and juggling to use the objects in the right manner and the right place. The gameplay is very exciting because the scenes have been defined with lots of details and the graphics to tag with it are simply fantastic. The game is even better than the classic Perry Mason which is still liked by gamers.

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