Eve Burst Error

Adult 1995 Windows C's Ware Hentai Anime Role playing

Very good interactive novel with little nudity

Eve Burst Error doesn't solely focus on the nudity and on the graphically explicit sexual thematic you'd expect of hentai, it also has a plot that doesn't feel half bad. You will be on a detective quest, interrogating all sort of characters, uncovering a story that has elements of Sci Fi and its own dose of maturity. But when it comes time to tease, the game is not shy, however it takes a more calculated and more restrained path. Yap, a hentai hardcore fan that wants to see highly explicit materials might find this interactive novel a bit lacking, but for what it's worth the sexual themes are present though in a more contained fashion. And, to be honest, if you like a bit of teasing as well, rather than a game that spreads it all out, you're going to be in luck. The game is on the edge of explicit graphical scenes but never crosses it. So, this game is for the individual that loves a good story and also wants to see an occasional panty line or half a breast or other such teasing imagery. But at times you might find yourself forgetting all about that and actually knee deep into a complicated and satisfying plot. Thus, a good game worth a play session.

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