Combat Air Patrol

Simulation 1993 Dos Psygnosis Flight Organized Forces Military flight

Bad flight simulation game

It is a flight simulation which has been disappointing for many fans in many ways. The plot is simple and conventional and involves you to do different missions to destroy the enemies and the bases. The first flaw in it is that the controls are not well synced and organized to the gameplay and that is something which is must for a flight simulation. If you cannot control the plane in an optimal manner, all the fun factor in the game vanishes. The variety of mission is pretty diverse but the variety of airplanes to fly is very limited because you only have two planes to fly in the game. The single mission mode in the game only allows you to fly the F A-18 because they mostly involve air to ground mission but the campaign mode is quite thrilling. But again it is the ordinary game dynamics and the frustrating controls which steal the spotlight and makes the game a very ordinary flight simulation. The graphics are not good as well and the interface is not intuitive. The only good thing in the game is that the missions are diverse but still it does not make it the one to play. Merlin is the game which you should really go for if you really love flight shooter games.

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