Tank Commander

Simulation 1995 Windows Virtek International Corporation Organized Forces War

Full of action

It is a tank combat simulation game which is full of action and destruction. You will be driving a variety of different tanks that do not have the dynamics of real tanks but are very interesting to use and have some very destructive weapons and armory. The game has a fair deal of variety and you have seven different scenarios to play in. The scenarios in which you will be doing a variety of different missions includes, urban, volcanic, arctic, desert and some other settings. The 7 settings in the game will involve a good deal of sub mission and you have to go through every mission to advance on to the rest of them. The tanks that you have in the game have more swift and brisk movements that you do not see with real tanks so this allows you be very cool and quick with your response and prove fatal for the enemies. The missions are pretty diverse and they have no repetition whatsoever. You also have a multi-player option in the game and the A1 is also fine to give you tough computer opponents. The graphics are pretty average in the game but it is the interesting gameplay which will really cater your interest effectively. The gameplay here is similar to Armored Fist which has superior graphics.

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