After Burner 2

Arcade 1989 Dos SEGA Flight shooter Epic

Speedy and action packed flight shooter

The SEGA classic After Burner was an 8 bit flight and shoot forward scrolling sprite based flight arcade game, much faster and better produced than what Nintendo could produce. This was SEGA's thing, faster games, consoles that had better innards and thus, games that could do a lot more technically. Thus, their games had always had an edge in terms of response time, catalyzing fans in two groups. After Burner 2 is a good example of why SEGA was such a master of faster paced games. They produced their game to thrill and After Burner 2 is no exception. You fly your jet through a number of levels, trying to shoot down the enemy planes, the ground silos and enemies and, at times you have to do battle against the bosses. Yes, the game is designed as the perfect arcade, and it takes the ideas from the original a step further, by bringing forward a game that is faster and more agile. Thus, you are never too far from a collision, or from a flurry of destruction, which will keep you on your toes for long hours!

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