Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Montsoft Flight shooter

Simple and undemanding shooter

If you are after a simple piece of undemanding arcade action to relax after a tough day, then Jumpjet might just be what you're after. A side-scrolling shooter in the vein of classics like Scramble, Defender or Gradius, Jumpjet is pretty straightforward stuff, requiring players simply to traverse a series of levels, manoeuvring their way through mountains and valleys, while blowing up or avoiding the many enemy planes which stand in your way. There's no real pretence at a story, which is probably a good thing, as it allows players to simply get on and enjoy the action, of which there is a reasonable amount. There's nothing particularly original on display here though, and everything will be very familiar to anyone who has ever played any of the aforementioned shooters, with the lack of weapons being a disappointment and which are generally the high point of any shooter. Graphically too, Jumpjet really is nothing to wrtie home about, with simple line drawing representing the environments and only a few basic additions like crudely drawn trees and the occasional base to liven things up. The plane sprites are similarly unimpressive, but everything moves along at a reasonable pace so thankfully the action remains quite fast and frenetic. The only real point to Junpjet is achieving a high score and fortunately there is a decent level of challenge on display here so players who love to see their name in lights will undoubtedly have a blast with this. The entertainment really is quite short-lived however, and there are better examples of the shooting genre out there, from R-Type to Gunstar Heroes so check these out first.

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