Highland Warriors

Strategy 2003 Windows 1C Company Empire management War

You'll never take our freedom!

When people cottoned on to the fact that real time strategy games such as the original Warcraft and Command & Conquer were the next big thing, everyone jumped onto the bandwagon and pumped out their own take on the genre. While some were great (Dawn of War), some were of very middling quality (KKND), some were just pretty damn awful. Unfortunately, Highland Warriors very much falls into this last category and unless you really need to play every RTS ever made, this should be avoided. It deserves a couple of points for its setting, which throws players into the world of medieval Scotland (think Braveheart) and the intense full-on combat that such a setting implies. Apart from the setting though, this is very much a standard RTS, with the usual array of scenarios, units and so on, and with gameplay merely requiring you to build up your army, then attempt to crush your foes. There's the introduction of seasons as a slight point of interest, as it affects your strategy but apart from this, there's not much to distinguish this from all the other clones out there. The issue also applies to the armies available here, which in theory offer different play styles and units, but which in reality don't differ much and which lose the game a lot of potential appeal. The visuals looks pretty good when they're not moving, but once they do, the animation lets everything down and will likely make your eyes hurt a bit. There are a couple of interesting features but they're not really enough to save this from being pretty much a total disaster. Avoid this and stick to Age of Empires.

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