Star Trek: Starfleet Command 2: Orion Pirates

Strategy 2001 Windows Interplay Empire management Real time

Orders, captain?

This is an interesting addition to the Star Trek universe, and is a standalone add-on to Starfleet Command Volume 2, but while Trek fans and novice strategists should check this out, hardcore generals should probably look elsewhere, perhaps in the direction of Master of Orion. Like the base game, and earlier installments in the series, this is a tactical, ship-based combat simulator which sees you exploring the universe from the bridge of the Enterprise, while engaging in a series of complex missions. There's a massive array of equipment and weapons to choose from, while missions include performing escort duties, patrols and launching assaults on starbases. This pack throws in several new races and areas, with twelve campaigns, a heap of skirmish missions and even a mission generator where you craft your own, and with races including the Gorn, Mirak and Hydran alongside some more familiar faces. If you are a Star Trek fan and enjoy pen-and-paper RPGs and suchlike, then you should have a good time here. This one follows the rules as set down by a very old book-based game very closely, with highly tactical combat which is pretty enjoyable for the most part. Ship-to-ship battles form the focus of the game, and these give armchair captains plenty to sink their teeth into, although they are not overly challenging, which is something to consider. There's no story, which could be a good or bad thing, while there are frustrations with the interface and visuals, and the game does get a little repetitive after a while. If you want to feel like a real starship captain though, this ticks a few boxes, at least for a bit.

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