Age of Wonders

Strategy 1999 Windows Gathering of Developers Empire management Fantasy Turn based Turn based strategy Rpg

What wonders await?

This fantasy strategy game is a sort of mix of Master of Magic, Heroes of Might and Magic and Age of Empires, and although it lacks a little something in the replay department, it remains a very enjoyable experience. The game is a turn-based strategy affair, set in a familiar fantasy world and which gives you the option to play through two campaigns, which each telling the tale of how humans came into the land and caused a terrible conflict, but from opposing perspectives. You're offered a number of options when setting up, and can customize the AI, hero attributes and so on, and you can even choose between standard turn-based or simultaneous gameplay. There's less micromanagement of cities and suchlike here, with a strong focus on combat, and which makes extensive use of hero characters, while the wide selection of races brings a nice sense of diversity to proceedings. There's also a very sophisticated diplomacy matrix to consider, and choosing your allies wisely is a key, but very difficult, part of the game. There's a nice range of units to use too, along with some cool spells, and it's perhaps this range of options that's at the core of the game's appeal. There's a lot to sink your teeth into here, and you'll be occupied for some time, playing through the two campaigns and the custom scenarios. There's plenty of depth and opportunities for strategic play, although the visuals are simple and rather ugly, while there's not a great range of maps. Apart from this minor niggles though, this is a fine addition to your strategy collection.

An impressive strategic game

A strategy game released in 1999 by Gathering of Developers, this gathering made a pretty good job with this game, which is the first of the series that contain Wizard's Throne and Shadow Magic. The gameplay presents 12 races (each with their personal characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, and also with their own leaders and scenarios), and you have enormous maps with subterranean sections, which can be expanded or edited whatever you want. Keep in mind that not all races are available to play. There is one single-player campaign, and the interrelation between cities are rigorous. The game includes hideouts with preys, belonging to creatures, such as dragons or giant monsters. The graphics are represented by a captivating interface, by amazing patterns and great details, accompanied by the beautiful and harmonious music. The magic aspect is based on casting spells which produce impressive effects upon the strategic map. Basically, the main objectives of the game are the assertion of resources, driving wars with the opponents, creating armies, and exploration of the maps. Sounds good, right? Well, try Age of Wonders, a game that will be a pleasant surprise among fans of the genre.

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