Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision Futuristic

Space adventure with good action

A.G.E (Advanced Galactic Empire) is a space adventure game which involves action and destruction. The plot here is a typical one and is very common with other space adventures. You will pilot a sophisticated and futuristic aircraft and move from one planet to another in the galaxy to conquer the universe cliché. You will do a variety of missions and will engage in different combats with other space crafts that are more advanced and destructive. The graphics in the game are though not the best but they are well designed and in line with the space theme. The game has a lot of exploration value as it allows you to explore all dimensions and the levels are very diverse and unique. You can gather various items of power ups and will also interact with other characters to expand the plot. The A1 is really tough and competitive but is quite well synced with the gameplay. The controls and the dynamics of the spacecraft are also very unique as they are well synced for action through the keyboard and the joystick. The music is off the theme but is still fine. You also have other helpful options in the game. The same theme is seen with Galactic Empire, the first episode of this saga that started this good action adventure.

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