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Early helicopter sim, plain but functional

I wouldn't go as far as calling this game fun, but it sure had the seed of what would soon become the staples of Datasoft helicopter games that you'd want to play! But, at this point, the game is as minimalist as they get; you get the interior ofteh helicopter, presented as a panel if instruments and other dashboard elements, and you get to see a world madfe of 2 to 3 colors. The ground can change colors, but a lot of it is magenta! Talk about a color we did not miss in the 80s! The game is mission based, and, you will mostly fly looking to complete missions that are war centric, as well as non military. The physics of the simulation are, as you'd imagine very minimal, but the controls are nice and the game can be played without a lot of issues, especially if you have played some other flight games of the era and know what to expect. So, yeah, later games in the series will take the recipe further, but at this point, you mainly get the barebones of what this game was about, which can be enough for a while. In Apache Longbow the physics and graphical elements will all receive updates, quite significantly, actually, so play this one for a heftier dose of helicopter fun!

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