I Spy Junior

Puzzle 1999 Windows Scholastic Education Typing or writing

Get puzzling!

Following on from I Spy Spooky Mansion and part of an extensive series of kids games which also includes I Spy Fantasy and I Spy Treasure Hunt, this is a cracking bit of fun which is just perfect for a wet Sunday afternoon. It's simple stuff but for the young ones, it's nicely put together and provides plenty of fun puzzling action. The main focus here is on lots of hidden object-style puzzles but in order to keep things fresh, several other styles have also been introduced. Oops Hoops requires you to sort things into groups of similar objects, but the addition of intersecting or multiple categories makes it more challenging than it first appears, while Pattern Place asks you to complete patterns by dragging and dropping items in the right place. The game is aimed at pre-schoolers, so 3-5 or so, and if you have kids in this group, you'll find that the puzzles on offer here are perfect for developing their logical thinking skills, creativity, maths and reading, making this a good all-round package for some fun learning. As you would expect for this target market, the whole thing is very nicely presented, with some lovely bright visuals that are attractive and eye-catching. The sound is just as jolly and suits the mood perfectly, but the real star of the show is the range of puzzles on offer here. There's enough variety to keep you hooked and entertained for some time, while the difficulty level is also well done. The games start out easy but soon get challenging but without being frustrating. All in all, a top notch experience.

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