Funnels & Buckets

Puzzle 1984 Dos Data Sage Education Math or logic

Challenging educational game with fun

It is a puzzle game with a very good educational theme that has been incorporated with a lot of accuracy and has been made a good fun. The set up here is that you will need to solve a variety of different arithmetical equations that come down from the funnel and go to the bucket below. The fun factor or the thrilling challenge here is that you have to solve every equation before it goes to the bucket and the correct answer will fill the bucket. That is how you will advance on in levels in the game. The game has been though designed for kids at primary school level but the puzzles are still competitive enough to pose a good challenge for adults. The toughness in the game is due to the fact that when you solve when equation, the other ones pop up at an even rapid pace and you get lesser and lesser time to solve them. It like catching the balls before they hit the ground. The speeds of the equation can also be adjusted and their variety can also be changed which adds a good replay value to it. So I would really recommend all boys to go for this one along with another good educational game with a title Young Math.

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