Super Solvers: Ancient Empires

Puzzle 1990 Dos The Learning Company Education Math or logic

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Simple platformer with edutainment elements

Unfortunately, the platformer portion of this game is rather crude and not at all fun. The fact is that the developer was not versed enough in this type of action oriented game, other games in the Super Solvers franchise, being edutainment only, more straightforward. So, you are going to ask, how are the educational elements introduced in the game, what do they consist of? Well, there are logical puzzles, find the right combination type puzzles and other such things, but they are included inside the platforming stages, to create a combination of action with logic puzzles. If the action portion would have been a bit more clearly delineated, and more fun to play, the logic puzzles would also have been more fun to play. But this is not the case. Thus, Super Solvers: Ancient Empires remains one of the least pleasant games in the series. The developers should have stuck to their guns, without trying to get mingled in a genre that they did not truly completely master. I cannot really recommend this one.

Explore the world through puzzle games

This game is created to be a fun and educational way to teach kids from age 7-10 about history while improving their logic skills. There are mummies and other extraordinary historic objects to see and to explore, and neat tools that help all the while. The game is super adventurous and great fun, and while the targeted audience are children, people of all ages can play this game with great fun! The soundtrack is consisted mainly of composition from famous composers such as Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Erik Satie, so, besides history, the kids can learn about classical music, too. The game looks very good too and is visually very appealing. I think the games is great, fun and a very adventurous. Highly recommended! And if you're interested in other fun and educational games for your child, check out Dinotopia or Ecoquest.

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