AI Wars: The Awakening

Action 2000 Windows Nexus Information Systems & Marketing inc. War

A lot of action and good strategy elements as well

It is an action game which has a very complicated plot but is good in terms of the FPS action and a lot of strategic elements which cover the whole gameplay. The plot is that of cyberspace where some software or net protocol has become malfunctioned. You will play as an Avatar in the game who is among the ones who were the first to set their foot in cyberspace. You will have three different missions in the game and the best thing about these missions is that you can either take up a single mission or you can take up all the three at the same time. The game has a futuristic gameplay where the action sequences and the strategic elements are all based on the cyber world. The game supports some very good graphics with very creative designs and backgrounds. The levels are quite intriguing and have distinct elements to play in all of them. The other good thing in the game is that it has a very good A1 which keeps the game very challenging till the very end. You will need to collect different items in the gameplay and will have to play different roles. It a classic action game with great mix of strategy and role play elements which you will really admire.

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