Original War

Action 2001 Windows Virgin Interactive War Indie Strategy

Try this great classic RPG

Developed by altar and released by Virgin Interactive, the Original War is one of the strategy/Sci-fi games which I enjoyed most. Those who loved Divine Divinity will also love this game.The entertaining part of this game is the strong original storyline. The background music and sound effects are great and also the graphics is superb. The storyline includes Russian and USA troops, both searching for a mineral named Siberite. American marines want the mineral secured from Russian hands where the Arab mercenaries always want to destroy Siberite. This game has divided into Soviet and USA campaign. First you have to play the USA campaign and then Soviet campaign. Crates, oil are the two other resources than SIberite you can use. There are 4 levels of members - soldiers, mechanics, scientists and engineers with unique characters/identities. Each character has own identity, fireworks, defense etc. So it is a very much role playing game. You can build your own base, troops, vehicle and fight. Not only that you can also steal resources from enemy. Overall Original war is a 5 star game.

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