Air Warrior

Simulation 1990 Dos Kesmai Corporation Flight Historical

Cracking flying action

If you have the capabilities and are in the mood for some intense multi-player dogfighting action, akin to Rise of Flight, then Air Warrior should be high on your list of priorities. It's a superb online multiplayer flight sim which features a wide range of WWII era fighters and bombers, including such iconic craft as the Spitfire, Lightning and Flying Fortress. While it might look fairly old-fashioned today, there's no denying the gameplay holds up extremely well, thanks to the level of detail and authenticity on display here, with the planes all handling in a realistic fashion and with a nice range of missions on offer. The game is also highly accessible, thanks to a clever and comprehensive help-screen, making it easy even for newcomers just to jump right in and enjoy the action without too much of a learning curve. There are plenty of options to experiment with, including offline training modes and various levels of realism to suit your tastes, but it's the gameplay which proves to be the real star here. Dogfights and bombing missions are all handled in exactly the right manner, with action never far away and which is as intense and exciting as it should be and without the often tedious moments found in flight sims like Falcon and its kin. Despite the game's age, it still holds up well in the visuals and sound department, providing nicely detailed flight models and environments and some evocative sound effects which add much to the atmosphere. While lacking in a campaign mode, this can easily be forgiven thanks to the sheer fun that is on display in the flying action, so if you want to go head to head with the best flying aces, then check this out.

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