Air Power

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Flight Military flight

A must try air combat game

It's a well-designed and executed flight simulation air combat game where you need to be effective in your shooting and strategy making. It is based on an alternate history and the goal that you are given here is to occupy an unoccupied land. It features huge airships which will release different fighter planes and bombers to conquer different areas. Four nobles are fighting to conquer this area including yourself. You will have to rush your air fleet in different kingdoms and try to gain their support through using your diplomats or by launching air attacks. So it's up to you whether you want to conquer the kingdom by making allies, by penetrating into the heart of the capital or by defeating the other three powerful dukes with their large airships. The gameplay is quite imaginative and the planes are equipped with a variety of bombs, guns and rockets. The SVGA graphics that it features are quite flawless but the controls are a bit over responsive which makes the game quite forgiving. Overall it's a thumbs up from my side though the game is not up to the standard of the famous Dawn Patrol from the same developer.

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