Knights of the Sky

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Microprose Flight Military Historical Action

A nice but not too hard flight sim

This is a pretty interesting old school World War I flight simulation game and has multiple gameplay options, including a campaign, single dogfight, head to head and flight training. The campaign mode is the most interesting one and it includes various missions which mostly include a lot of dogfighting with other planes and the game keeps score of how many planes you shot down, later comparing your results with other famous combat pilots from World War I. What is great about the game is that there is always something going on so the game is very dynamic and exciting. All you have to do is to choose your plane and get in the air. The controls are really simple and the gameplay is linear so this will be a good game for novices in flight sim. The graphics and music are really good for that time. While not revolutionary, the game is pretty intense and fun and I suggest you should try it out. If you are for some serious World War flight games, go ahead and give 1942 fligth game a shot.

Challeging game

Knights of the Sky always was an old favorite for me. The combat is more arcade-themed than epic game Red Baron, but still good. The benefit of this game is that you always will have enemies around to shoot down which makes for constant dogfights. Good stuff. Recommended for a challenge. It also uniquely had a modem system, allowing you to compete against other real live people (as long as their computer was networked up to yours).

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