Secret Weapons of The Luftwaffe

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Flight sim that will test your patience

Released in 1992, this flight sim seems pretty worn out today. The control mechanics are a bit too shoddy, you will have a hard time if you are not willing to read the manual and the game is not really fun. However, it seems as if it was never intended to be a fun experience. As with many other vehicular sim games of the era, the balance between playability and whatever realism could be achieved in a DOS IBM compatible is quite flawed, or feels like this today. The game features a historic campaign, the Luftwaffe versus the 8th US AAF conflict. The recreation might be quite accurate, but only if you could progress through the missions without the relentless frustration of control. But, on the other hand, if you have a joystick and somehow manage to make it work with an emulator or an old IBM compatible PC (a 484, a 686 or similar) you might have a better control experience. So, if you manage to set up the appropriate controls, manage not to mind the basic graphics and find the time to read manuals and FAQs, this game might hold a few good hours of flight sim goodness, but, if you have a modern rig, the multitude of modern day flight Sims will be a better alternative.

WWII flight simulation

They were fast... they were deadly... they were... the Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe! SWOTL is third and last in the series of WWII flight sims developed by Totally Games for Lucasfilm Games (later LucasArts). Famous for its custom mission builder and in-depth campaign mode, as well as the Secret Weapons mentioned in the title, SWOTL has not aged well graphically. The aircraft are 2D sprites superimposed over a true 3D landscape. The flight controls are simple and realism is not emphasised in the flight model, even with "Advanced Flight Controls" enabled. Other highlights include a pilot roster, which allows you to assign your other pilot files to wingman slots (higher score=higher AI skill!), a flyable B-17 with independent engine control and all gun positions mannable, fully-functional V1 and V2 rockets (use your flight recorder film to follow them on their path to London), and expansion add-on disks that add four more fighters and many missions.

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