AIV Network$

Simulation 1997 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Trade or management Business

Detailed and enjoyable business sim

A business simulator with a bit of storyline might seem unusual but in AIV Network$, that's exactly what you've got. After the Chief Executive of the AIV Group, a massive corporation with a vast network of interests, disappears mysteriously, the player finds themselves thrust into his suddenly empty shoes with all the pressure of the corporate world pressing down on their shoulders. You must turn the corporation around and save it from plunging into bankruptcy through effective management of resources, shrewd trading and an aggressive expansion policy. For fans of world-building games like Railroad Tycoon or SimCity, this is likely to prove an absolute delight, sharing as it does many of the qualities which made those titles classics. There's a staggering array of detail on display here, with players able to get their hands dirty in the micro-management of their burgeoning empire, with plenty of trading and construction options and which provide a great deal of depth. The game might prove a little tricky for genre newcomers, and who might be better directed towards Transport Tycoon Deluxe, thanks to the rather steep learning curve and somewhat dry tone, but if you are an old hand at this kind of thing, there is much to enjoy. The visuals are pleasing, full of attractive details, but it's the sheer depth and loving attention to detail which impresses and it really is immensely satisfying to watch your company grow and succeed thanks to your canny decision making. For anyone with a head for business and a love of transport, this is a must-play which ranks amongst the classics of the genre.

Railroad sim with lots of variety

This is the kind of game that simulates so many different aspect of its theme, in this case railroad management, that it can be perceived as extremely hard to understand. However, when you finally learn that a lot of elements can be automated, you find out that this game can be as excruciatingly micromanagement prone or as lite as you want it to be. Sure, don't expect a free ride, just sitting and looking at the good top down graphics, no. You will still need to put some effort, especially in setting up the tracks right, making sure that the points in your network are well managed and that trains doesn't risk running into one another. The beauty of this game is also in the great variety of trains, sceneries (though sure, seen from above) but also in the way you can create something quite different form plays session to play session. The best way to experience this sim is I small installments though, its age will show and you won't want to renounce your newly built tracks just because the looks of the game are a bit older. With patience you can experience a really beautiful railroad sim that can even feel more mature than modern age games.

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