Lemonade Stand

Simulation 1999 Dos Dosbox Trade or management Business

Sweet sim of the enthralling lemonade stand business!

Listen, you might want to mock this kind of a game which focuses on such a narrow economic simulator, but then again, there have been business men that have started with less and built an empire (yes, that was a Breaking Bad reference!). But what makes an eco sim stand (sic!) from the rest? Is it the merchandise? Is it the amount of virtual money you stand (sic again!) to make? Nope, it's the way it manages to capture your attention. And let me tell you, this one is a very bubbly (sic again!) one, all joking aside. You'd think that the business of a lemonade trader is simple and unproblematic, but there are choices to make, and the game simulates quite a bit of them. For one there is the assortment of products. Yeah you can sell vanilla lemonade, but there are other assortments you can produce to enthrall a larger audience. Also the game features a mode that will concentrate your attention: you'll have 30 days to produce and merchandise as much lemonade as possible, and to become as big as possible! This is, in my opinion the way to play the game, as it forces you to take risks and to get big. Anyway, as a game it is a fairly balanced type of deal, with nice, simple graphics, a bit cartoonish but not quite. It's a cheap looking game, but then again, technically it works pretty well. Want a more serious eco sim? Go for the grown up eco political simulator series Capitalism and you'll feel more empowered. But if you want to quench the virtual thirst of your virtual customers, Lemonade Stand is the way to go!

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