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Seriously fun business sim

This detailed and complex train management game is ideal for those who love full-on business sims, but for anyone looking for a more accessible railway-themed gaming experience might be better off looking at Railroad Tycoon. This game places players in control of a railway company and tasks them with expanding their empire by developing an efficient rail network. Both passengers and building materials are available for transport, each with their own advantages: passengers bring in more money, but materials help the city to grow, thus providing more opportunities for profit. Once the cash starts rolling in, more complex decisions need to be made, with new buildings to be constructed and further business avenues to explore. The game adopts the isometric viewpoint used by so many games in this genre, including SimCity 2000, and in many ways is practically indistinguishable from its rivals, with somewhat drab and characterless visuals. However, with such a game it is the detail which counts, and here A-Train supplies what hardened sim fans demand. The detail here is exhaustive, with complex and realistic systems for purchasing stocks, shares and other related matters, and for anyone who wants to try their hand at business without the risk, this is a great way to start. There is always much to keep you occupied and the sense of satisfaction that comes with watching your empire grow is substantial. Casual gamers need not apply here, but for those seeking depth and realism, A-Train is sure to entertain.

A cool railroad business simulation

A-train is a very interesting business management simulation and the first in the tran simulation series where you are tasked to build a railroad empire. It has to be noted that the game concentrates a lot more on business management like buying stocks and property development than building railroads and managing them. The objective of the game is, of course, make money, and lots of it. You start from scratch - you buy a land, demolish everything that is on it and set up the basis for your company, set up railroad and continue from there to maintaining and enlarging it. The game has really nice graphics and there are some neat Easter eggs to watch out for. The game is very detailed and there is definitely a lot to do, so you'll be occupied with the game for long hours. The game is great for everyone who love business simulations, but if you're more into the railroad design and maintaining, you should probably check out Sid Meyer's Railroad Tycoon.

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