Railroad Empire

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Artdink Trade or management Trains

Alright train and track simulation

If you love good Train tycoon games in the same vein as Railroad Tycoon then this game here might be for you too. In this game you will endeavor to build railroads, to create the necessary infrastructure to support them, while, at the same time, having commercial and financial limitations bind your expansion. Thus, it is a challenging experience for most of the time, in that, the game always poses all these challenges at you. You have to build as cheaply as possible, while also trying to link as many possible locales to your railroad system. Also, you will want to manage your teams closely and make sure you get the most out of them. This is ultimately a very enjoyable game, a satisfying game where you get to delve into a lot of managerial tasks but also you get to speculate in stock market and other such little ideas that the game packs inside. Graphically though it is no jewel. It is a top down game, with alright tilesets, but it is nowhere as good as Railroad Tycoon. But for retro rail track pavers it will sure be a good diversion for a few play sessions!

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