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One of the earliest RPG of all time

Akalabeth is a very, very old rpg and probably one of the oldest in history. Richard Garriott, maker of the Ultima series, designed this game when he was a teenager as a project and the game is a spiritual predecessor to the actual series. The game is inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper game and by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the concept of this game is to try to bring pen and paper games to computer consoles, which was then revolutionary and today quite normal. You are tasked by Lord British to kill ten increasingly difficult monsters in underground dungeons and the game has many rpg elements that are in todays terms standard, like first person gameplay and the possibility purchase food, weapons, a shield and a magic amulet. What we think today as the most simple, rigid graphics, were very advanced for 1980. While the game is not very challenging or especially interesting and good (as later Ultima will be), the game is a great lesson in the history of gaming and should be highly respected for its visionary approach and the fact that, even so simple, it is light years ahead of gaming development of the time. I take my hat off for you, Richard Garriot. Respect all the way.

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