Ultima 3

RPG 1983 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons Role playing

Innovative RPG for its time!

The Ultima series came from humble beginnings and created the modern RPG experience brick by brick and tile by tile! In this tapestry of games, Ultima 3 stands tall with the fact that it introduced party based mechanics. The protagonist could be followed by 3 other party members which made the confrontations more strategic but also more intricate. The game didn't advance the series graphics wise, though. However, you have to remember that this game came out in 1983, where building game worlds out of ASCII characters was still the main way to go about it. Otherwise, the story will keep you relatively interested, though the drive to play will be more a question of uncovering new artifacts and better weapons. Once you pay your toll and have a sufficiently strong party you can go straight to the castle where the evil Exodus has made his residence and end the game. To play and actually enjoy the game, make sure you find a decent walkthrough, read the manual and pay attention to your surroundings. Some fights can be avoided, so learn the strength of each opponent prior to engaging. If you take these precautions you will be in for a great old school RPG flavored adventure that still to this day can elicit interest.

Third in Richard Garriot's Ultima series

The third in Richard Garriot's Ultima series. A ground-breaking game that featured the concept of a four-player party; turn-based combat; some terrain effects blocking your sight; multiple races and professions, each with different abilities; a full soundtrack for the Commodore 64), and many more. So many games are descended from this one, simple as it is by today's standards, that it can fairly be said to be the true ancestor of all modern Role Playing Games. Game strategy is simple: bring your new party to strength by gathering clues, treasure, and other needs, donating at secret shrines, and most of all, fighting! Then, when you are ready, sail to the castle of the evil Exodus and be prepared for an uncommon ending. Destroying Exodus requires following the advice of the Lord of Time, and playing your cards in the right order (hint, hint).

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