Dungeons of Daggorath, The

RPG 1982 Other DynaMicro Fantasy First person

Classic stickmen RPG with a twist!

Okay, the world classic that I've justused in the title might not cut it for this game, simply because, if you take a closer look and compare it to the Ultima 0, Akalabeth, The Dungeons of Daggorath is a bit more evolved. The dungeons through which you will roam are made out of more than just a few lines, they're made of individual points that draw the chambers in more details. That's right, in a wqay the graphical representation of the game will take you to much modern games such as Wolfenstein 3D. Yes, the colors and the textures and the fluid passage through the tunnels is not there, but it definitely is an evolution. Thus, The Dungeons of Daggorath might as well be considered a stepping stone towards RPGs that were built in the famous Golden Box engine. And, just as with these, you will expericne a similar story, a story with hints of high fantasy as well as sorcery and other such goodies. But, mostly, the game will be enjoyed in full just for the trip back in time, for the fact that it demonstrates how primitive 3D engines were back in the day. So maybe now you'll learn to appreciate modern games with their full screen 3D worlds brimming full of color and of polygons. Ehh, memories!

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