Doomdark's Revenge

RPG 1985 Dos Beyond Fantasy First person Role playing Strategy

Oldschool prototypical RPG adventure blend

In Doomdark's Revenge you will be leading a party through the frozen land of Midnight. The gameplay is really very primitive. The entire world is made out of a few different screens that pop in and out, depending on where you are. Within each one you will meet random creatures, expressed as a collection of skills, type of weapon and amount of damage. No graphics for them. However, in its simple, primitive manner, the game manages to tell an interesting story, a sort of chivalry high fantasy epic revolving around these two characters, Luxor and Morking which must eliminate Doomdark. The story is pretty typical and in line with storytelling of Dungeons and Dragons types games, but, nevertheless it is interesting and will hold some twists and turns of plot, to keep it interesting. So, that's about it, the game wears its heart on its sleeve, not much surprise within it, but, even so, it may be worth a go if you don't mind archaic graphics and mathematical battles. But, for some that might be just enough, as many will find the game intriguing and live to play, just to get a kick from a time so long passed!

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