Changoo 4 - Crayon Shin-Chan 4

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Shin Chan game is pure fun

Those who are aware of the Shin Chan series will love this arcade style side scrolling 2D game which involves some really good humor and variety. The plot is that you will play as Shin-Chan who is most probably the naughtiest 5 year old boy on earth and who lives with a lethargic looking but good father and a somewhat forgiving and hyper mother. Shin Chan also has a little sister who is also naughty and is liked very much. Now as Shin Chan you will move in the streets of your neighborhood teasing the crazy upper class people in which most of them are women. Shin Chan is always delighted to interact with women but in this game he will also have to counter some animals. The gameplay gets more and mover diverse as you play along and Shin Chan in his adventure will fly spacecraft and will be fighting with some colorful and diverse enemies. Mini games have also been incorporated in the game and you can select any of them as they are all very exciting and fun to play. The graphics in this game are very much cartoonish but have been designed to depict good humor and side scrolling Shin Chan action. The game is as colorful and fun as Kutar.

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