Revenge of Froggie

Arcade 1990 Dos PLBM Games Epic Puzzle based Casual

Pointless but enjoyable Frogger clone

PBLM Games turn their hands once more to creating yet another arcade classic copy, following in the footsteps of Ack-Ack Attack and Scud Attack, which were heavily inspired by Missile Command. This time around, the template is Frogger, Konami's 1981 hit. As you would expect from PBLM, little new is added to the formula and instead Revenge of Froggie stands as a competent, if uninspiring, copy of a legend that doesn't disgrace Frogger's memory, but doesn't really bring anything new to the table. As in the original, the goal of Revenge of Froggie is simple: guide your little frog through several stages of vertically scrolling mayhem, hopping him through lanes of fast moving traffic and across rivers, while avoiding snakes, cars, crocodiles and whatever else might come your way. The occasional bonus might also crop up, like the female frog who gives out extra points, but that really is about it in terms of gameplay. Frogger is an undoubted classsic which has resulted in countless copies and inspired many designers and Revenge of Froggie is certainly faithful, if little else. The graphics and sound are uncannily similar to the original and the gameplay is pretty much exactly the same and thus remains as enjoyable as it ever was. Unfortunately, one can't help wishing that PBLM had at least added in a few extra features, perhaps a two-player mode, to give the game something new and different to make it worth playing. As it stands, Revenge of Froggie is fun for a brief slice of retro gaming, but is ultimately rather pointless.

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